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What to Do When Pruning Bushes Around Your House

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Most often, bush pruning is one of the most neglected tasks in gardening because it is quite tough. Bush pruning can be as hard as you might think especially when grow taller and bigger. Bushes can outgrow other plants in the garden if not pruned on a regular basis. Bush pruning is done differently according to its types so you must be aware on how to do it appropriately. If you are having a hard time doing that, here are the few tips in making the task easier for you.

Take away bad branches

When pruning bushes, you must take away of bad branches. Begin the process with getting rid of dead and damaged branches. They don’t look good to plants because they cause them to rot and acquire possible disease. Doing this will help the bush grow healthier and fuller.

Cut 1/3 of the Bush’s thrashes

Some types of bush tend to grow faster and make more canes than other every year. To solve this, pruning is done by cutting off the larger or older branches to control its height, giving space for newer and smaller shoots.

First- year Bush Pruning

On the first year of the bush, you can cut the branch just an inch away from the bud. This technique helps the branch to grow stronger while developing. This works best for bushes that only produce one to few stalks a year as compared to bushes that continuously produces shoots every once and a while. See for the result in the next year. If it works, then you might want to do it yearly.

Do away with Flattop Pruning

For easier pruning, this must have been done several times by most gardeners. Usually, flattop haircut looks good on the first two years, but it may look devastating on the following years. This method isn’t just suitable in maintaining the shape of the bush instead making it look unnatural. Top pruning fuels growth making it grow larger and fuller than it did before. This make it tougher for you to control the size and shape.

Cut the entire branches

For some types, this one fits. Without regular pruning, some bush get too big and compressed. Every year, it can grow much bigger and denser. Cutting the branch entirely opens the door for a healthy growth from the interior, creating a better bush on the next year.

Prune branch at the collar

Collar is located directly above where the main truck and the branch is connected. You have to cut the branch collar because if it stay connected to the trunk, they’ll rot causing disease to the bush.

Replace overgrown shrubs

Sometimes, pruning is not enough to keep the garden as pleasing as possible because keep growing much thicker at the end of the day. So, better yet replace them with a new plant. Overgrown bushes should be replaced by a mature plant that’s more fitting for the space.

Bush pruning can be done in many different ways, but you must take note that the process varies according to type as well. This must be done correctly to achieve the desired shape and size of the bush.